Monday, August 12, 2013

Colors of the Seasons

Sun flower field, Stone Arabia

 Each season has its colors. Winter owns the whites, of course, but there are greys and blues and browns and sometimes even rainbows too. Spring brings on the pinks, pastel greens and palest purples. I love it when Mother Nature pulls out her crayon box and covers over the winter blahs with her weavings of light and song.

Under the bird feeder

Summer, though has color stages, whites, oranges, and reds and blues in early months... her own rainbow in the day lilies and monardas of midsummer. Then as fall approaches, yellows and purples come into their own.

Grandma Peggy's golden glows, still thriving in the jungle by the driveway

Soon it will be aster time and golden rod time, and every roadside ditch will outdo a flower shop for color.......however, for now a simple yellow preview, all from just last week. 

It is sure a lot of fun to drive past those sunflower fields in full bloom. I can't imagine what the gold finches think about them. 

***Meanwhile I apologize for the lack of meaty posts of late. Big doin's are afoot and they are simply not for the nonce, photos of the passing season and my best wishes to you all.


Ed said...

Great sunflower pics, I bet the finches love them too..:-)

thepoodleanddogblog said...

Summer is the time to enjoy the changing colors and your photography makes us all aware of them.

Woodswalker said...

For heaven's sake, Marianne, no need to apologize! Whatever you post about displays the depth of your vision and the richness of your life.

Rev. Paul said...

Those are wonderful pix, ma'am.
No worries.

Cathy said...

Woodswalker expressed my feelings exactly.
And if or when you need to share your concerns . . we're surely in your camp and wishing the best of outcomes.

It hasn't affected your poetry.

Terry and Linda said...

I am a huge fan of SUNFLOWERS!!!!


threecollie said...

Thanks, Ed, they abandoned some a couple of years ago and there were hundreds of birds gleaning through them.

Jan, thanks! I keep reminding myself how good this all is....when I think about what is yet to come.

WW, thank you very much. I have been feeling kind of empty and figured the posts were reflecting that....I'll try to do better.

Rev. Paul, thank you sir! the trees and grass are still as bright as early June right now. Wow!

Cathy, thank you....I am glad of that....

Linda, me too! I had some giant ones a young mad in southern NY sent me seeds for a few years ago. Alas they have finally petered out after years of self-sowing, but they were really something.