Saturday, August 31, 2013

Eight in Blog Years....What a Trip

Every single year I miss the anniversary of this blog. It just never fails.... and 2013 was no exception. This all started on the sixth of August in 2005. I didn't know how to insert hyperlinks. I did not have a digital camera....thanks, Steve, for ever and ever. You are remembered every single day of Northview life.

It was dry that year, something we haven't seen much of recently. I knew a few of you, but mostly you were friends as yet unmet. 

All three border collies were still with us, and Mike and Gael were still helping a little with the work.

Things have changed so much since then....I barely recognize myself or any of the participants.

The boss doesn't dance much any more, but he still gets around to get the work done.

Since then kids have grown, dogs have passed over the bridge, and new dogs stepped up to the bowl. Farming and indeed the world have changed immeasurably.

Lot of it has been scary, but meeting you all has been great. Thanks for reading along and keeping me company on this crazy ride through life on a dairy farm.


joated said...

And thank you for letting us glimpse what it is you all do and enjoy your thoughts on the same. It's been a blast.

Rev. Paul said...

What joated said!

lisa said...

What a wonderful post! Hope to see you posting for another eight!

A. Montgomery said...

I hope to see you posting for much longer than eight years. I feel I am visiting with you every day! Love Mom

A. Montgomery said...

Alan, in that picture looks so much like Michael did at that age that I can't believe it.

thepoodleanddogblog said...

Sometime early in those days we became blogging buddies. So many of those bloggers have gone dark. Maybe they ran out of things to write about.

But the adventures at Northview I hope will continue for many more years.

Jeffro said...

Thank you for allowing me into your lives. You've been great neighbors!

TenMile said...

Happy Blog - iversity. Stick around for at least as many.

Terry and Linda said...

And Thank you for all the encouragement and support in my blogging life!

Six years for me!

As for your 8 years...I am so thankful you are still interested in blogging and that you let us be in on the ups and downs the good and the bad. I've more than enjoyed getting to know you!


Cathy said...

I'm reading this aloud to Keith and hearing myself kinda moaning and sighing and smiling and awwwwing .

So glad I found you . . my life is richer for it.

All our best, Marianne.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Yes to what everyone has said, and please much more than 8 more years!

I read your blog a long time before I had the nerve to start one of my own - thanks for being an encourager and for telling it like it is!

threecollie said...

Joated, thanks, it is a lot of fun for meeting folks like you

Rev. Paul, and folks like you too. This is so much fun!

Lisa, thanks, I don't know about 8, but it is still a lot of fun

Mom, thanks, love you too. And I know what you mean about Alan. Once when he was running in the field when I was driving tractor, it was like looking at Matt when he was little. He looks a lot like both my brothers.

Jan, thanks, same for Poodle and Dog. Back in the Blog Explosion days, I remember coming across you and actually stopping to read and enjoy. Still doing it, and P&D just keeps getting better and better.

jeffro, thank YOU sir and thanks for the many ways your blog makes me think.

Ten Mile, thanks! I will keep trying.

Linda, your blog has quickly become one of my great favorites and getting to know you has been an immense pleasure. Thanks!

Cathy, thank you and ditto! I often think of you folks....

Nita, wow! thanks! You sure do a fantastic job with your blog. So much information and great photos.

Earl said...

I really enjoyed looking back with you a lot of love there.

threecollie said...

Earl, that is so very true....