Saturday, August 17, 2013


Air commands youth from all who breathe

The sun confers young titles. Don't rest upon your laurels though,

There's a price to pay for weather

The tithe for all this wonder

Get out, get moving, breathe in deep, it demands you do it now.

Harvest, gather, bring things in. Collect it, put it by.

It's perfect out there just right now, the best it ever will be 

Alas it will be something else quite soon 

And that is just plain over.

Wild oregano


Ed said...

Great shots, especially the Cedar Waxwing..:-))

Terry and Linda said...

Boo hoo, sob...I so understand.


threecollie said...

Ed, thanks, I was down by the driveway picking herbs and he was very curious and came real close.

Linda, not ready for the end of this weird and unsatisfying excuse for summer. Summer is supposed to be l-o-n-g.....

Cathy said...

Oh Marianne. We surely share this dread. Even on these recent fine August days . . something different in the light . . .

The robin’s song is tarnished
when she sees the sumac dripping red.

Her heart begins a minor key,
looking north at what may be.