Monday, August 05, 2013

Mercury Rising

Pausing on the drive on the way to the barn to watch a robin sitting silhouetted in the bright, white rays of the sun that has just fallen behind the roof line of the heifer barn.

Suddenly glowing spots like sparks of ice-white mercury float fast on the wind, tumbling up over the edge of the roof and rising like balloons into the sky.

I watch as more come and more and more.

Then birds flash across, every wing feather x-ray bright, hot, clean white, as the light shines through them.

I wait a long time watching mercury rising, spots and specks and puffs and embers. I want the girls to see. 

Thistle seeds by the hundreds and thousands that would have sailed unseen but for the  brilliance of the setting sun.


lisa said...

Now that is a way with words!

A. Montgomery said...

Is that clouds in water or sky?
Love Mom

CDH said...

What a vision. :) Like the cotton woods here. Snow in the summer!

Cathy said...

I saw it through your words.


threecollie said...

Lisa, thanks!

Mom, sky, I shot straight up at the sun behind a cloud and that was the result

CDH, exactly! It was so unearthly and lovely!

Cathy, thanks!