Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Second Gen

Milking shorthorn bull. Old Promise is long gone, although we froze three hundred units before we sold him. Alas, most of them are gone too, but we really like the calves from the shorthorn bulls on our Holstein heifers.

We bought another bull a couple of years ago, but he had been a girl's pet, far too friendly and thus far too dangerous. We never used him and just beefed him after a while. He was always trying to get out of his pen to get at/to people. A bull should respect humans and not want to be all cuddly and cute and killer.

Thus we bred our own. Mated Promise with my cow, Asaki and got this guy, who joined his new harem earlier this week. All bulls are dangerous, but he has a lot more respect for us than the second one we bought.Danged if I can remember what we named him....maybe we didn't.


joated said...

"Hey! You There!"
(Well it could be. No?)

Wil said...

Not to be hokey, but I'd wait until I saw what he tends to produce. Then he'd be "Promises Kept" or, perhaps, "Promises Lost".