Thursday, August 08, 2013

Speeding Through Summer, One Hand on the Wheel

Across the river from the heifer pasture hill

The other hanging onto our hats as we race to catch up with all the behind that the weather has forced upon us.

Any time you step outside the door you can hear the tractor groaning up in the back fields, tedding up the hay, raking it, and baling it up. Then comes the clanking of the elevators as it is lifted up into the mow and dumped on the mow floor below.

A lot of just plain hard work is involved in every single bale and a lot of diesel fuel too.

Wish we had been able to get more garden planted. The rains made it just about impossible to plant anything, although the kids worked the ground down for it. What is planted, the zucchetta patch, is going great guns, with long, curled squash popping out all over. Doesn't seem to be any problem keeping up with eating them though. They are so darned good!

Meanwhile, Liz has been getting us some peaches and tomatoes from her Amish friend, so we aren't totally vegetable starved.

Have a good one!


Ed said...

I can't believe its almost fall already, the past 4 days in Illinois it never got above 80, strange summer..:-)

A. Montgomery said...

I would love some fresh peaches. Can Liz get me some? Just a few for eating. Please??????? Love Mom

threecollie said...

Ed, such a weird summer indeed. It feels as if it never really got started and now things are clearly winding down....

Mom, I asked Liz to see if Mary has any. If she does we will see that you get some. They are good! We love you!