Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Stranger Danger

A trek back over the pasture hill the other day revealed some electric fence lying on the ground.

Hey, whatcha doin'? Huh, huh? Can we help? Huh?

Thus Alan and I teamed up to go find the reason for the problem and fix it. Pretty much took all day.

We got the fence all fixed in one spot, then found two cows grazing on the other. Thought we had 'em all, but oops, we didn't. Had to take it back down to get them back in. That only added about an hour and half to the job.

I'll bet I could swing a hammer if I had thumbs instead of hooves

It was kinda fun at first. I saw a juvenile rose-breasted grosbeak, probably a redstart, and a number of other interesting birds. We always have a pretty good time when we work together anyhow.

However, by the time we got all the way around I, at least, was about done in. The walking was rough, so swampy and pocked up by cows, the sun was hot, and I am no longer a teenager.

And the reason was downright aggravating! We found a dead electric gate...we always make our gates dead...which powered more than three-quarters of the fence, lying on the ground. Appears that the hunters that gave the boss all the trouble while we were at camp must have opened it to go through and left it.

Yeah, right, and just how would you walk on thumbs? Huh?

Certainly the fence had recently been functioning, as there were weeds burned off here and there beyond the gate. 

I am really hoping we got it fixed good enough to hold 'em now. It was in surprisingly good shape for such a good summer for weed growth and for being dead for a couple of weeks.

The cows really wanted to help, but we thanked them, and told them we could get by just fine without them.


CDH said...

Cows - always there to help. :)

Rev. Paul said...

People who leave farm gates open always tee me off.

Glad you found the problem, and that no cattle got away permanently.

Cathy said...

Two things:
1". . there were weeds burned off here and there beyond the gate." Pardon the expression, but Holy Cow! what if it'd been droughty?

2." .. and just how would you walk on two thumbs." LOL !!

OK . . 3. I don't suppose it's legal to 'shoot over the heads' of trespassers? There's 'stand your ground' . . and then there's 'protect your property'.

lisa said...

I have forgotten how nice it is up on your mountain!

threecollie said...

CDH, lol, I was a little nervous about Rosy's interest in our efforts. She is a retired show cow and not too hot on boundaries.

Rev. Paul, this bunch of guys were the worst offenders we have seen in years. I am really worried that they will be back

Cathy, the electric fencers are made to burn off the weeds that touch them. Usually no flame involved, they just kind of cook off the offending foliage, which otherwise would short out the fence. Can't do much about trespassers except read them the riot act and call the cops. Our local police are at least very sympathetic to landowners and helpful with the problem if they can be.

Lisa, it sure is pretty this summer with all the green