Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Weekend on the Farm

Finally got the canoe stored for the coming season....

What is this tool?

 Pretty Virginia creeper, but it's coming down just as soon as I can find a way around the darned ground bees, which have taken over the whole front yard. Nice to look at, but bad for the porch and siding.

Drying herbs for winter. Orange mint, lovage, and that wonderful wild oregano so far, but more planned. I have peppermint and spearmint too....and planning on lots more oregano. So sweet and fragrant.

And then there was the godawful cheeping that started just before noon on Sunday. Thought it was the faucet dripping in the kitchen. Went to check. 

It stopped.

Then the boss asked, "What bird is that?" I had my Peltors on so I could read without being annoyed by the TV.

Answered, "Don't know, thought it was the faucet."

Went to look out the front hall door and realized that it was coming from INDOORS!

Oh, yay, Carolina wren stuck in an unused upstairs room. A 26-foot-long upstairs room, cluttered with accumulation belonging to a kid, who has moved out into a new home, only not so much, as far as belongings go.

Three people. One net. One small bird. At least an hour spent chasing the little devil, as gently as possible, over saddles, and trophies, and blue jeans, and blankets. And cow halters, and bridles, model horses, and, and, and.....

The boss finally caught it, carried it quickly downstairs and let it out off the sitting porch.

It flew quite vigorously. I hope its little heart was up to the strain of its adventure.

There was also hay made, stable cleaner and hay elevator broken, one repaired, one needs to be. Biscuits and blueberries for Sunday breakfast. Steak from our steer and Italian squash from our garden for Sunday supper, a 1979 Dodge Warlock purchased by the guy carrying the canoe, chats with all my children via text and telephone, frequent drubbing of head, heart and hands via season is upon us and they take no prisoners.

All in all, just an ordinary farm weekend, filled with the extraordinary, with which we are daily blessed. 


Rev. Paul said...

And thank you for sharing it with us.

A. Montgomery said...

Love you.

Cathy said...

Your "normal" is "extraordinary".

I can't think of a bird that I find more charming and endearing than a Carolina wren. I'm sooooo glad you good people went to his/her rescue.

(Yep. That's hubby in the first frames:)

CDH said...

Normal is so fun! :) What is that tool?
Orange mint? I bet that smells wonderful!

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, thank you for visiting kind sir

Mama, love you too, very much. Did you like your squash?

Cathy, love the video! Ours was singing again today....funny how they love porches. That is one of its favorite perches

CDH, I have had it so long I can't even remember where I got it, but it does smell tantalizingly wonderful. I love mints anyhow and use them in seasoning salads and tomato dishes and even meats.