Monday, August 26, 2013

That's No Bull

Oh. wait...

Yeah, yesterday's morning off was marred quite notably by the young bull jumping out of the pen...six-bar, heavy visit the milk cows. Had to go help with that fiasco and he is now in a stanchion in the cow barn.

As it happens for some reason he went in the stall we use for Laramie, a little shorthorn first calf heifer so she had to play musical stalls. She is kind of stupid about it, being determined to get into her own stall, bull or no bull.

However, she is perfectly accepting of being milked off the wrong side. Most cows want to be milked from the side to which they are accustomed. In our barn that is whichever side the petcocks and attachments for the milking machines are. they will let you know it if you go in on the wrong side of them and they tend to vote with their feet.

Laramie just looked at me like I was nuts when I went in on her wrong side in her new stall yesterday and then went back to eating hay. I wish they were all that quiet.

Then the boss forgot to put up the bottom board across the outside door that keeps hay inside the mow, yesterday when he unloaded a load. Half the load went right back out the door into the barnyard. He wasn't about to take it all up around to the elevator and put it on again, so the cows had a feast. He put it in their feeder wagon instead.

They sure didn't mind coming down this morning, as there is plenty left. 


Dani said...

Never a dull moment!

Cathy said...

Just what Dani said!

And . . . what's that bird?

Woodswalker said...

Oh boy, the adventures never end! By the way, how do you manage to go get a bull and make it do what it doesn't want to do? I grew up in farm country where we were early instilled with terror regarding bulls in a field.

Terry and Linda said...

That moth in the last photo (or butterfly) is outstanding. I am so never eager to make a bull do something he doesn't want to do.


Cathy said...

Oh my.
Is that an immature golden eagle ?

threecollie said...

Dani, all too true sometimes. lol

Cathy, immature turkey vulture. They were flying low overhead while I was walking Daisy

WW, it is not easy. When we put him back out yesterday, even with a halter with the line through his ring, and the boss on the lead, he really gave problems.

Linda, cabbage white butterfly, and thank you. I hate handling bulls. Just hate it

Cathy, just a young vulture....but I wish....

Cathy said...

Ahahahaaa!!! Well, first I was trying to turn it into an immature black turkey vulture and thought "nah". Hmmm . . . dark head . . . little bit of white running through the wings . . himmm . . back to the drawing board :)