Saturday, August 24, 2013


Miss Daisy, in her brand new doggie bed. Check out that stink eye

You knew it was going to happen. Yesterday the delightful Miss Daisy came here to serve her sentence for murdering valuable turkey poults. Life at Northview.....with no parole.

She was nervous and real unhappy when Liz, who delivered her, left her alone with me.

However, she has survivor genes, and was soon following me around the house and sleeping near my feet. And itching.

What a horrific flea infestation! Holy cow. I had been thinking quietly to myself recently...didn't want to jinx anything...that we had gotten off real light in the flea department this summer.

Well, I'm afraid Daisy is taking care of that. All she does is dig and scratch. They put some kind of systemic flea killer on her before she was sent our way and Alan says they appear to be dying. However, I'm thinking a bath is in order for today.....

Anyhooo, she was "my" dog for a few hours. Until all the kids came home. I came in from the barn last night to find her the center of attention of the entire flock of youth and significant others, and so it stayed. Musical laps, and she sure is a lap dog.

Got up this morning to be glared at by our fine little Miss. She had landed in a soft place and she knew it. It was all she could do to force herself out of bed for a minute so the mean old lady could walk her out there in the glimmering fog. She grudgingly attended to business, glaring at me the while.

Look closely over to the right hand side.....she is not alone

And then right back to bed.....with guess who. 


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I love it! Life sentence with no parole :)

Can I be sentenced to your jail? I think Miss Daisy plotted the whole turkey thing from the beginning just so she could be the boss at Northview!


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, it's all part of her master plan.

Cathy said...

Awwww. . . this is so sweet.

That's one lucky pup :)

Terry and Linda said...

Yep, she knew! She was ready for the the life at the to just get there.....


A. Montgomery said...

Looks to me lie it's Alan's Dog. He didn't have one did he? You will just have to find another.
Love Mom

threecollie said...

Nita, she is coming in for some

jan, and after another day with her, I do believe that she has one too.

Cathy, this morning I couldn't even find her to walk her. She was inside Alan's bed with him

Linda, I think she will be okay.

Mom, he sure wants her to be! lol Love you!