Monday, September 09, 2013

Blue Bucket Love

Not terribly appetizing is it?

You've heard of cupboard love? Hearabouts we have blue bucket love.

Stop at my stall....please, please, please?

Every morning and evening at the beginning of chores I walk along the manger with the blue bucket. Cows and calves throw their heads up and down and look at me hopefully.....'stop at my stall, no mine, no mine'.

 Feel the love!

Starts with REALLY BIG pellets
Not everybody gets a visit from the blue bucket lady. The dry cows are fat enough, as are the tail-enders. However, the fresh cows, the steers and the younger calves all get a handful...or two...or maybe even more, of the contents of my delightful blue bucket.

Then when everyone has had their treat, I pour a couple of inches of these great big pellets into the bottom and fill it up with water. Come next chore time the pellets have turned into a lovely mash that cows just love.

The product is beet pulp, a favorite of show cows forever.....regular cows like it too.


ellie k said...

Who gets the pellets with the water it? I know the cows like the sweet beet mix. Love your post, keep them coming.

Terry and Linda said...

OH! YES!!! SWEET BEET mix...the love all cows everywhere!


threecollie said...

Ellis, thank you! Cows and calves mostly all love the beet pulp, although there are a few who look at me like I'm nuts.

Linda, you betcha!