Friday, September 06, 2013

Dodged a Bullet

No frost here last night and it supposed to warm back up pretty good. I am grateful for that! There are a lot of zucchettas out there waiting to be me...not by the weather. Plus Liz's Amish lady friend, from whom she is buying tomatoes and peppers etc. is still harvesting her garden. The porch freezer is filling up fast. 

Today will include rearranging shelves before making any more stuff to stuff in there. 

A nice morning chore....letting the cows down from pasture to eat their haylage in the morning. It is so pretty out there. The migrants are starting to filter through....just yesterday I heard the first flocks. The sun is low in the sky and the light slants seductively across the clumps of grass to spotlight the girls as they hurry for the gate. Fog swirls up off the river and trails off into the sky. It is like being inside a vintage painting, only with scents and sounds.

It is wonderful really. I should have taken the camera out with me, but I was afraid my furry friends would knock it into the mud if I did. 


Cathy said...

You didn't need the camera. . . I see it. Your words . . . a vintage painting. Yes.

joated said...

We got as low as the low 40s but I'd swear there was frost on some of the areas down in the valley. That's one good thing about lliving on the side of the hill: The cold air flows past you as it sinks.

The crispness in the air is a harbinger of what's ahead. Maybe not this week or next but certainly after the equinox.

lisa said...

Yes, mud and camera don't mix :-)

threecollie said...

Cathy, thank you! Today it is utterly foggy...

Joated, glad we didn't get frosted. So much left to do!

Lisa, they like to be clean and dry for some reason.

Terry and Linda said...

OH! NO!! No visit from Jack Frost yet...but your words...your words paint the most lovely of pictures.