Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Doggy News Flash and Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Dachshunds, even tiny little miniature dachshunds, can jump baby gates.

Even ones that are more than twice as tall as they are. I know it is bad for Daisy's long back to perform such antics....but we have the gate for the other dog, who is a menace in the living room. Oh, dear. She is bad enough now, but what are we ever going to do when Alan goes back to work next Monday and she can't spend nights hiding under his blankets?

And, about those diamonds.....

Went up to the lake to visit Liz 'n'Jade Monday. It is a very different place in mid-September. The silence is eerie. A few crows, a raven, no wind, so no waves swishing against the shore. Now and then a distant car, way out on the highway....

It was downright spooky when Alan and I first arrived. Then the kids showed up...they were down helping the farrier with their horses... Liz made us a great lunch and the sun came out; the waves just sparkled....and all was well.

And by the way, those are the only diamonds I'll ever want. You can keep the ones that are dug out of the ground and have to be cut and polished to shine. Cold, heartless things anyhow.

I will take the ones that dance along the waves on my favorite lake. 


Rev. Paul said...

Beautiful, peaceful place.

Woodswalker said...

You said it, Marianne! What baubles sold in jewelry shops could compare with those dancing diamonds, that sapphire sky, the pearl of the moon as it glows against a black velvet sky? I'm convinced that if more folks could learn to love nature, there would be much less grief and greed in the world. With such treasure spilled freely at our feet and shining over our heads, why strive to grasp at more than we need to live in contentment? Thank you for your example.

thepoodleanddogblog said...

I agree. Those jewelry store diamonds just remind me of oppressed workers and artificially maintained prices. And greed.

Terry and Linda said...

Oh! me too, me too! I love the sunshine sparkling on water! As Jan says...they are so a product of oppressed workers and artificially maintained prices...oh, yes and greed!


Cathy said...

Lovely, Marianne.
More perfect than a flawless diamond.

I've just come inside from watching the moon throw shadows across a field.

And summer's last lightning bug flashing beneath an old apple tree.

All the diamonds in the world cannot fill a heart as these.

Happy harvest moon.

Cathy said...

Daisy's antics are bringing back memories of ornery dogs.
Little stinker :)

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, I so love it there....i am somebody else...someone I like better

WW, you said it well! Very well! And I heartily agree. We need to grab kids' attention when they are very little and still excited and curious about every new thing, and show them the wonder. Teach them to wonder. I wonder myself how much of the senseless and heart-rending violence of our era would just melt away if kids got a chance to interact with and appreciate nature from an early age.

Jan, ditto, pretty little rocks, but you can dig all the Herkimer diamonds you want for a pittance and they come already faceted.

Linda, you betcha! I love the water, the light on the water. I wrote a column about it last year, called it in my mind, "I have a heart for water light"....and so I do...

Cathy, doesn't it just raise your heart right up to the sky! Walking Daisy five thousand times a day is sweet punishment, although it sure messes up my schedule. Every second is filled with beauty that flows and changes like some strong magic. We go around the house looking for warblers...well, I'm looking for warblers. She is looking for snails to roll on and reasons to wait to go indoors to excrete. And although I am frustrated by her massive quotient of naughty, I love our ambles.

Cathy said...

Yeah . . . " sweet punishment"