Monday, September 30, 2013

Get Along Little Dogie

The other dogie

If only I could spell. I thought they meant get a long little doggie, so we got one. She is a loving little nuisance, everybody's best buddy, and lap comforter and bed snuggler and, let's not go there...if you are diligent indeed, she will do it outdoors, at least some of the time.

I tried tying a bit of string to my belt loop to leave my hands free for binoculars and camera and took her birding yesterday. It was interesting. A nifty little yellow-rumped warbler found us intriguing and came in close and low, to nip from branch to branch just inches away, friendly as a kitten. 

I didn't raise the camera, just stood still to enjoy him, only to find out what he was laughing at when I started to step away. My dogie had lassoed me, and neatly tied my feet together with the string. 

Thanks, Daisy. She continued to do so every time I stopped. 

Which was often. The house was captured in a net of Eastern Phoebes, chasing wasps I think. They fluttered at every window, and hoovered every shingle all day long.

Though we have yet to see anything exotic, the woods and fields abound with the common but interesting. Catbirds, cedar waxwings, gold finches by the dozen. DO you learn fall warblers anyhow? They are driving me nuts. Every time I think I have found something new, it is a common yellowthroat, a yellow, or a yellow-rumped.


joated said...

It's been quiet as a tomb around here with the exception of some crows, ravens, blue jays and the occasional chickadee. So quiet that an ant colony went to wing the other day and NO BODY was there to eat them!

As for the fall warblers...Audubon had the right idea when he used his shotgun to put the bird in hand for minute inspection.

Ruth said...

I can't do warblers at all lol, so don't feel bad! I keep taking pictures and posting them on a birding forum to find out its the same one I photographed two days ago....

Woodswalker said...

Who needs anything exotic, when you are surrounded by so many quotidian amazements? Thanks for letting us in on your local glories. Your dog with the housebreaking issues, is she at least part Dachshund? I've heard that this can be an issue with this breed. We had one when I was a girl, and I can sympathize.

Cathy said...

"How DO you learn fall warblers?"
(That's maniacal , crazed laughter)
I never have :)

But this made me really
crazy with envy:
"The house was captured in a net of Eastern Phoebes." Lucky Ducky :)

threecollie said...

Joated, we suddenly have hedgerows full of warblers, but they are so quick and secretive! I need an expert!

Ruth, lordy, they are hard. They look alike, they sound alike and they don't hold still to be considered!

WW, yes, she is a purebred longhaired mini least I think she is a mini. Other than the housebreaking. And barking.... OMG she barks, she is a really sweet little dog and we all love her.

Cathy, lol, so many phoebes. Must have been several successful broods this year. I am astonished at how yellow they are in fall.