Saturday, September 14, 2013

Got Hops?

Why, yes, we do!

Got squash as big as doggies?

Yep, those too!

Alan and I went spelunking among the garden regions yesterday. We found all kinds of goodies. There are lots of hops, mostly from just one of the plants, although the other two did okay,

And there are some dinosaur-type zucchettas out there too. I am not sure what I am going to do with the former. For the latter guess I will freeze the necks, while the bodies will go up in the field for target practice with his new rifle. Since it is a big rifle, I suspect there will be some squash puree involved.

Daisy is utterly fascinated by these squashes


joated said...

I'll give you the hops, but you cheated a bit by going out and getting a tiny dog to make the squash seem even bigger. LOL ;-)

threecollie said...

Joated, she is small indeed! lol It is a LONG way down there to put her collar on and walk her. We thought it was so funny though, how intrigued she was with the squash. She gave them a real good looking over.

rynun said...

Wow, very big. But why are in big front and small behind ?.

rynun said...

Wow, very big. But why are in big front and small behind ?.

Woodswalker said...

Impressive crops! I'm wondering if those squashes, after they're blown to bits in target practice, won't splatter their seeds all over the field and you'll find a whole field of them next summer. We once threw some rotten pumpkins out in a corner of the yard, and the vines grew like Jack and the Beanstalk's vines the next summer. We didn't know what they were until the big green beachballs they produced started to turn orange. By the way, do you use those hops to make your own beer?

Floridacracker said...

House full of hops at PureFlorida today :)

... your squash are scary.

Cathy said...

Passed these pictures over my shoulder to hubby.
We're cracking up!

Daisy's a pretty brave gal to be sniffing around those monsters.

threecollie said...

rynun, it is the natural shape of the squash..the big round part is the seed cavity.

WW, believe it or not I don't think the seeds are mature yet, although I would not object to a planting of that sort. The kids brought the pumpkins down from their wedding last fall though and threw them up on top of a pile of horse manure. they have a wonderful crop of volunteers that they are going to turn over to some little folks they know. Can't wait to hear about their reaction. lol And, no, I have never made beer, although my parents used to. I just grew the hops in celebration of the tradition of growing them in NY and on this farm....quite a history of the hop industry here.

FC, I saw! I have one of those hops up in my water post today. lol

Cathy, she is a pip. She was really interested in the squashes for some reason. lol