Thursday, September 05, 2013

Look Up, Look Up!

But not in the dictionary. I read somewhere that most people spend very little time looking up at the sky. I have no idea if that is true or not, but farmers, who rely so much on the weather, watch the clouds all the time.

Birders even more so.

This week I have been glad to have both activities affecting the direction of my gaze.

First, yesterday when walking in from morning chores. Large black bird soars over, rooftop level. Lower than the tower even...very close. Thought it was a juvie turkey vulture, as it was SO low. 

Took a better look. Found myself staring into bright silvery eyes that were looking back at me. Young bald eagle...maybe a three-year-old from photos I looked up.

Amazing and close enough to enjoy feather detail.

Today, walking the divine Miss Daisy. Another black bird. Higher. Smaller.

I said to him, "I know you're not a crow but what are you?"


Oh, okay, a raven, first since early spring. Not that ravens are a big thrill, but it was something different than catbirds, cedar waxwings and gold finches, which seem to be all the rage these days.

I'm glad for these two visitors, since birding has been real hit or miss as the songs stop and the migrants move on. Still seeing hummers and robins, but I don't think they are the locals. No fall warblers yet, which seems odd. Maybe they are just not stopping, or I am just missing them. Usually I see and hear them though.

At least surprises in the sky make routine chores more interesting.


Terry and Linda said...

I'm missing our spring and summer birds and their lovely cheeps and chirps. I have others coming back...the Starlings for one, not a bird I enjoy or even like. But they do like to eat bugs.

My hummers are moving on also, I only need four feeders now instead of the 10 two weeks ago.

Ruth said...

I envy you the Bald Eagle!

We've had ravens this summer, they must be nesting not to far away.

threecollie said...

Linda, 10 feeders! That is simply fantastic. Mine can barely empty one.

Ruth, there is at least one nest just up the road and they love the river.