Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Revenge of the Wedding Pumpkins

At the wedding last year

In just a couple of days Liz 'n' Jade will celebrate their first wedding anniversary....congratulations kids....

Like farm kids everywhere they learned recycling early, not because it is the politically correct phrase of the day, but because farmers recycle all the time. From re-purposing baling twine to spreading manure on the fields and composting table scraps to fixing the baler with baler wire, they recycle every day.

Heck, we even have a recycled dog.

So what the kids did was let me enjoy their wedding pumpkins out on the lawn over the fall season. Then when things began to get ugly they tossed the decaying hulks up on the horse manure pile .

Sure enough, first thing this spring, green umbrellas of pumpkin leaf peeked over the top of the pile and began to grow down into the driveway,

Of course they grew into the driveway. The better to stop traffic doncha know? Why would they grow out into the jungle where they wouldn't bother anyone?

All summer folks turning around to get out of here threaded their way between the pumpkin vines and the zucchettas, which were hard at it on the other side. One of the pumpkins had tire tracks on one edge, I swear.

However, the driveway is now free and clear, except for a few straggling left over vines, which can be run over willy nilly.

Yesterday, with frost looming, the boss and I picked the pumpkin lifting for expectant ladies....and stuffed them in Liz's car for distribution to honorary nieces and nephews, a certain especially cute grandbaby, and assorted other kids-who-will-get-a-kick-out-of-them.

We threw in a few zucchettas for good measure.


June said...

You have raised Good Kids, and Good Pumpkins!

Cathy said...

Can't improve on those pictures.
Summer blending into fall . .
Green merging into burnished orange.

(Love and agree with June's comment:)

Terry and Linda said...

That snow...oh, that snow...sob, sob bawllll