Thursday, September 05, 2013

Scheduling Squash

Felt like a merry-go-round here yesterday. Farm Side in the morning, before and after chores. Then freezing zucchini for Liz for winter. Onions ditto. Alan cut down trees. The boss cut down hay. The girls both went to their outside jobs. 

Alan got the little red truck back from the garage, where he had substantial work done, and then had to replace the alternator flashlight. They couldn't find the electrical problem. Took him about ten find it that is...fixing took a bit longer.

We picked zucchetta. Word to the wise. Best squash I ever tasted, and I have the boss converted too. Not much of a vegetable man, but he loves it. 

However, with the right kind of weather, which it appears that we have experienced this summer, it grows pretty good.

As in, we put ten plants in an area that admittedly was a bit small for that many....maybe enough to park three trucks in if they weren't real big trucks.

Now the weeds way up the hill are festooned with squash leaves, high in the air. It is headed for the heifer yard and mounting an attack on the fence in some places. Zucchetta will grow on a trellis. It will also grow on trees, across driveways, etc. Great ground cover. You cannot walk through the patch. You cannot turn trucks around in the driveway either, because it is buried under squash plants. 

The big pumpkins are attacking from the other side of the driveway, heaving boulder-sized fruit willy nilly. The vines cross in the middle, as they stretch out in search of new territory. It is pretty, but intimidating. I only took squash from the boss as he picked and I was ablaze with squash scratches in minutes.

He did not step into the patch. He just picked around the edges....well, actually only one edge. Still we were both weighted down with enough squash to feed an army.... long, tangly skeins of it. The stuff can be three feet long and still tender as butter.


Mom, you know how you wanted some? Well, if you get a minute run on down today and I'll fill your car....


joated said...

Sounds like you need to recruit some squash vine borers! LOL

At least they aren't zucchinin and you might be able to give some away without threats to live or limb.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely growing zucchetta next year on your recommendation.

Cathy said...

This is hilarious !!!! Thanks for the warning :-D

Cathy said...

BTW . . . A Pileated !

threecollie said...

Joated, I am astonished by these vines! They got off to a rough start, but are sure making up for lost time!

Jan, hope they do well for you...and that you have plenty of room. We got our seed from Pinetree, an excellent source of unusual stuff.

Cathy, don't stand still too long over on that side of the yard. lol...and the pileated!! So loud i went out to see what was making all that racket! Just missed an on the wing shot that would have been cool. Only got ONE wing.

Cathy said...

One wing in the pix is better than two hidden in the bush :-D