Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thank You, Mr. Woodchuck

Phenomenal nut and seed crop this year. Unprecedented in my memory
For unplugging the electric fencer so we could spend the whole day walking and repairing fence. It was a beautiful day.....but.....I hadn't planned on spending it lugging a bucket full of fencing tools all the way around the field.

I thought we only had pale touch-me-not, but look, orange

At least only heifer got out......when I saw her on the lawn this morning I knew the day was going to take an unplanned direction.

Liz 'n' Jade are vacationing at Peck's this week and already started out with a little direction change as well. The cabin they rented was about wrecked by last week's catastrophic storms and nobody called. At this point they are getting put into a different cabin...smaller....less isolated...may not have a stove and nights are getting real cold.

Been complaining about no monarchs this fall, but we found one

However, you CAN drive to it, which would be a massive plus in my book...

Looking forward to lots of pics and stories when they come home next week.

Help, all you smart folks, what berry is this?

And, as always I lugged the camera along with the bucket of staples, pliers and insulators, so here are some pics.


Terry and Linda said...

You live on top of the world! Your cows are the Queens of a lovely mountain top.

The rains here have been amazing...the ground is so wet it is even growing mold.

I'm ready for some old-fashioned sunshine!


Woodswalker said...

Sorry to hear about your unexpected work load. You got some pretty pictures from it, anyway. I believe your bush with the dark blue berries is Common Buckthorn (Rhamnus carthartica), an introduced species that has escaped from gardens and hedges to become quite invasive along rivers and streams. But it is a beautiful shrub.

Stephen Puliafico Photography said...

Last year I saw a big crop of walnuts and VERY few hickory nuts or butternuts. This year I haven't observed as many walnuts but the hickory is prolific.

That definitely looks like Buckthorn. Very invasive on my parent's property (which is along a stream). I have read that it is quite dense and makes excellent firewood.

Cathy said...

Lucky Ducky!
A monarch . . . and a really nice picture.
We can't believe how scarce they are this year.
I've watched all day from a hill in central Ohio
Think I saw - one.

I'll save my post on the local groundhog til you're in a better mood regarding these critters :-D

threecollie said...

Linda, I have been reading about the flooding out your way. simply horrific! too wet here as well, but not that wet at least.

WW, thank you SO much! I was thinking you would know the answer when we were looking at them. There are a lot and they are loaded with berries.

Stephen, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. We have a massive hickory nut crop, perhaps the largest I have ever seen. No acorns though, oddly enough. Lots of walnuts in the tree down by the house. thanks for the buckthorn ID. Been wondering for years what they are.

Cathy, this is the only one I have seen since mid-summer! Post away on your marmota...I had a nice walk in the country and was just disgruntled because I finally had a free day to cook and spent it fencing instead. lol

Ruth said...

Donno what your berry is, but we have a TON of it here, along with at least two other dark-blue/black berries and two types of red berries. None of which I can ID, and none of which the birds appear to be touching....

threecollie said...

Ruth, other folks identified them as an invasive, buckthorn. So grateful to know, as i have been noticing them for years....