Thursday, September 19, 2013

You Hear Stories

Of gun shop owners refusing service to those who voted for the folks in charge of gun control. You know the party that never lets a good crisis go to waste?

Well, yesterday Alan was trying to talk a second box of shells for his new rifle out of the owner of a gun shop, which will remain anonymous. The man was willing to sell him one, but wanted to keep the second.

The boy was polite, but asked if there was any way the man could see fit to sell him the second. He likes to target shoot...has been to the range a lot this week, sighting in that rifle....and shells are hard to come by.

So, the fellow asked him. "Who did you vote for?'

After some clarification on what election was under scrutiny, our young man...who does in fact vote faithfully, said, "Expletive, no, I didn't vote for that guy!"

And he immediately got the second set of shells and a smile from the shop owner.

Later when the sun comes up, I will take a pic of the target he brought home yesterday. Shot that beastly 300 Win Mag from the back bench and got a nice grouping. I guess he bought this gun because the ammo is fairly available. He has a smaller rifle that is very hard to use to target shoot as shells are so hard to find, although it is very good for hunting. Deer season impends......


NumberWise said...

He needs a shirt to wear when he's buying ammo that says just that. Good for the gun shop owner, too!

Rev. Paul said...

I've not heard anyone locally ask that question of a patron, but then few locals would have voted for "that guy" anyway.

I'm gonna have to get a snapshot of the customers waiting at the gun counter, next time I'm there: every single person open carries. It's enough to bring a manly tear to my jaundiced eye...

Jeffro said...

Good for Alan! I'm starting to see a little 30-06, 270 Winchester, 300 WinMag and such at WallyWorld. Even a little .223!

Not seeing any .357 magnum or any 30-30.

And no one asks that question around here, you'd have to go to the more urbanized areas to find Obama voters in this area!

CDH said...

I like that sales boy! That's how they should be selling shells/bullets!

Cathy said...

Works for me.


threecollie said...

Nw, there is a whole bunch more to the story in the same vein, only more so. I will tell you the rest when I see you. The shells were a bit pricey compared to mall stores, but the experience was oh, so satisfying. lol

Rev. Paul, I would love to see that photo. You know how very blue our state is, so such an experience was just that...quite an experience. lol

Jeffro, I was stunned, stunned I tell you, when we went to the world 'o' wally for my sportsman's license. Empty shelves, row upon row of them. Nothing to buy but a few shotgun shells. Damn few. And two boxes that fit his new gun. One clerk told him they put out three boxes of some calibers at 7 AM and that is is for the day. Be there waiting or tough luck. And some days they just don't put out any.

CDH, store owner! It tickled us. lol

Cathy, likewise. Upstate NY is pretty fired up about recent incursions on the Constitution around here, but this was the first we had seen it up close and personal.

Terry and Linda said...

YAY! For the store owner and your son!!!!

We had a recall here in our state of those who are trying to get rid of guns.