Saturday, October 19, 2013

700 Horses all at Once


12Paws said...

Love it--cooler than cool. Back (way) in my twenties I'd give an eye tooth to be a part of it!

Jeffro said...

I've been on that street many a time - we take US 40 west out of Craig to get to Vernal, UT and it passes right through Maybell.

I had no idea that the big ranches moved horses. Sheep and cattle? - fall and spring, moving to better pasture.

threecollie said...

12 Paws, I have watched so many times! What a fun video!

Jeffro, wow, that is really cool. I like this video a lot and have watched it several times.

Earl said...

Interesting, now I think there might be enough horses for the dark time to come... or not.

This is a great video.