Monday, October 07, 2013

And Now a Tornado Watch

Covering a large portion of the Northeast. So far the sun is still out in spots and just a little breeze is kicking up. 

We gave Broadway a subcu bottle of calcium this morning. Looks as if she may calve today. Of course it has been looking as if she may calve for several days.

I am being reminded daily why she has been my favorite cow for years. She has been kind of miserable all summer, really cranky, and not too nice to work around. We got to the point of letting her in to eat her grain and letting her right back outdoors without even fastening up her stall.

Now, as her calving grows near she is gentling down again. Even after we gave her the medicine, which no cow liked ever, when I went to turn her out in the barnyard for the day, she held her neck over for me to unsnap her chain.

I really like the cows who do that. It is not fun to try to unhook a bull snap from the collar of a thousand-pound-plus animal that is lunging and pulling to get outdoors. The smart ones figure out that they will get outside a lot quicker if they hold still for a second while you undo them.

Then I am happy and they are happy and everybody sings kumbaya. Or sorta. Anyhow, time to get at the vegetable preservation situation. Smile, it makes folks wonder what you've been up to.


Caroline said...

We got winter storm Atlas, I am guessing that he is responsible for your tornado watch as well.
Love cat in the leaves photo!

Cathy said...

This is one of those posts that gives so much.
Feel like I'm standing beside you - watching the weather move in, moving among the cows.

Find stuff, my friend.

Hope things go fine for Broadway.

Terry and Linda said...

I hope you are missed!!!! Maybe some rain and some gentle wind but that is all...finished, no more!!!


Cathy said...


That would be fine stuff :)

threecollie said...

Caroline, I was just writing about the destruction in SD. Horrible! And thanks for your kind words

Cathy, thanks...nothing happening yet. She is going to drive us crazy

Linda, we didn't get too much, although there was damage all around us.