Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Growing up in Kitchens

While scratching my head for a topic for this week's Farm Side, all the while putting up various squashes, cooking meals, and making zucchini bread with Liz, I realized that my brothers, my cousins, and I literally grew up in kitchens.

 I can remember seeing oleo mixed with coloring to make faux "butter" which by the way was awful. And being barely taller than the table, licking cake beaters back in the days before eggs would kill you.

We progressed through aunts' kitchens, and in-laws' kitchens, and then our own kids came along, and they lived in kitchens too.

Now, with the little one coming along next year I am hoping for another generation to be learning to cook with love and interest and to share the camaraderie and fun. It is a legacy that is fading in the face of fast food and prepared everything in a package, but we treasure the tradition, at least in our family.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Funny how we all survived those killer eggs isn't it?

Cathy said...

Just Wow.
Beautiful, beautiful traditions.
PS . . funny how we all survived that raw dangerous batter :)

Rev. Paul said...

I licked many a beater in my youth ... and occasionally still do. :)

Terry and Linda said...

We do too! Our oldest grandchild (our grandson) loves to cook also! Cooking...that's what's for dinner!


Floridacracker said...

Everyone gravitates towards the kitchen here!

ellie k said...

I still lick spoons and beaters. It is impossible for me to waste that great taste of the batter on the beater.

threecollie said...

Nita, so it is. lol

Cathy, I agree. We did all that stuff that is so dangerous today and never even noticed.

Rev. Paul, I love the frosting ones! lol

Linda, exactly!

FC, I can imagine. If you were a thousand miles or so closer I would gravitate toward your kitchen too!

ellie, some of the best stuff....