Tuesday, October 08, 2013

In Just One Day

We experienced all the weather indicated in these photos. They are unedited. It really did rain that hard, and for quite a while too. At least we escaped the worst of the wind, which left trees down and power out in several nearby areas.

We lucked out.

Then, when we were just working at evening chores, the light got weird and wonderful. Becky brought the camera over so I could capture the last of it. I didn't touch those reds and golds and yellows. If anything the shots don't do them justice.

Anyhow, it sure brought out the red in those red cows.


No calf yet. Cool, sunny morning, with the requisite Carolina wren singing outside the window. Have a good one. 


Cathy said...

Whoa. That is rosie!
At least you've got " Red sky at night - sailor's delight."

Caroline said...

Ma Nature does beautiful work, and you do as well!

Caroline said...

BTW, Marianne, official snow totals reported today 55" in Lead, SD; Deadwood had 48, we had 31 in Rapid City. Livestock toll very high for some folks, ranchers still out looking for wandering stock and trying to sort who belongs to what as the cattle joined up after walking over fences. My neighbor Angus herd looks good, no losses, thankfully. Rancher friends east of here still without power after 5 days.

threecollie said...

Cathy, I wish I had the camera sooner. The run up to this was incredible. We were milking, but everyone kept gravitating to the windows and the door just to watch the show.

Caroline, thanks. Those of us in the East, who are reading about what is going on out your way are horrified at what has happened. Poor cows. Poor ranchers. Such a sad, sad thing.