Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Northview Farm Year Bird Count Progress

Palm warbler

Thanks to the Facebook Bird ID Group of the World, I am having a lot more luck than I used to with warblers....just in time for the fall migration.

I took a long walk around the farm today, originally looking for nice landscape photos for this week's Sunday Stills....have I mentioned that I stink at landscapes?

The walk provided a veritable cornucopia of birds and wildlife...not to mention the erratic popcorn popping sounds of millions of grasshoppers.

This warbler, which peeked out of the bushes right in front of me, looked like a yellow-rumped at first. Since I have seen dozens down by the house, I  enjoyed spotting it and would have let it go at that. However, it posed willingly for its photo. When I took a better look at it on the computer it didn't look right for a butter butt.

I put it up on the group, after spending a while with the field guide. My guess was that it might be a palm warbler. Consensus among the experts there is that it is just that,

Count so far stands at 66 species, seen by me. If I add snow buntings, eastern bluebirds and northern harriers seen by the boss, I only need to find one more for seventy. Fall I come.


Rev. Paul said...

Nice pix!

lisa said...

Great picture of the Warbler!

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, thanks, it was fun, although I sure was ready to sit down when i got back. Lotsa hills!

Lisa, thanks, I was thrilled to have it come so close. They are curious little birds.