Monday, October 28, 2013

O' Dark Thirty

It's quiet out there.....and dark. A little bit of moonlight leftover from last week, but not much. I am grateful for the flashlight Liz got me at Tractor Supply a couple weeks ago. It is really bright. She got one for her milk inspecting job and as soon as anybody she worked with saw it, they wanted one. We all seem to spend a lot of time out in the dark this time of year. That puppy lights up the whole barnyard. No one is paying me to recommend it, but I do.

At least in the morning the coyotes aren't howling. We must have quite a pack, because every night, along about eight, they get to tuning up, up on the hill behind the house, and they go on for a long, long time. I know less seems like more when you are hearing coyotes, but it sounds like about a million.

Before this, normally, you would only hear them in the middle of the night for the most part and only for a few minutes. The dogs don't like hearing them much and they hurry to get back in the house.

What with one thing and another I get pretty gloomy this time of year, so don't mind me if I don't have much to say. Short days are not my friends. Have a good one.

***Okay, so that was weird. The boss and I just heard someone coming up the driveway. Dogs did too and went nuts as usual. We thought it was just Liz come down early for some reason...we do have a late morning meeting to get to, so we figured it was just that. Then we thought we heard another car.

But she didn't come in. And didn't. The dogs would not shut up. Finally I went out with that fancy flashlight to see what the heck was going on. 

Nobody there. 

Zip, zilch, nada. 

Very strange and disconcerting. Appears someone came up the driveway and then went back down. If you know our driveway, it is not exactly inviting.....Oh, well, I went up to get the cows, who seemed utterly disinterested in coming down for breakfast. I left the gate open and let them find their own way.

But, who, or what was out there in the dark going up and down the driveway? I don't supposed we will ever know, but they are gone now.


Ruth said...

Our local pack of coyotes has been making lots of noise lately too. Interestingly enough Arty doesn't seem to be inclined to join in (I'm just as happy about that TYVM). Attempts to record the sounds have failed, its just to faint for any of the devices I have.

Cathy said...

Geeze Louise, TC.
You're giving me the willies.
Between coyotes and vanishing company.
You and I share that great wrinkled-brow, emptiness-in-the-heart approach to this time of year.
I struggle.
Hang in there and keep that great new flashlight close at hand.

Jeffro said...

That was one advantage to being out in the open - I could see for at least a mile, so if I heard something and they left, I could see taillights for some time.

I'd generally puzzle my local 'yote population by joining in. Guess my dialect befuddled 'em.

threecollie said...

Ruth, I thought about having a go at recording them too, but with the highways there is just too much background noise. They sure do get going though

Cathy, I am thankful for each and every ray of sunshine.

Jeffro, I should have gone out...or gone to the front porch to look. But we thought it was Liz...just about the time she comes down each day. It was sure creepy! Used to howl at the yotes too. lol