Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Twice Gifted Pears

From a friend of a brother to the brother to our kitchen, to pear sauce one week and apple-pear the next. Sweet, succulent things, round, and hard, and juicy.

And tasty. Very tasty.

Who knew that we liked pears this well or that pear sauce could be so very good? Never made it before you see.

And the drop apples from the Red Delicious tree. Bug-ugly, chewed-up globes of magenta bordering on royal purple. Not looking like much on their best day.

Judicious trimming, sagacious seasoning, plenty of boiling, and squashing, and mashing. And magic. Good food, right out of the backyard. 


joated said...

Got a bushel of Cortlands to be converted to apple sauce this week.

Too bad it has to be an Indian Summer sort of week! (80s on Friday/Saturday? Really?)

The boiling and cooking would have heated the house as well as smelled great. Now I'll be opening the windows and turning on the fans.

CDH said...

Not a big fan of pears. But LOVE them right off the tree. Waiting for our 1 apple to be shared. LOL! A late frost on a young tree. :(

ellie k said...

We were in Germany to visit our son this summer and almost everyone has at least one fruit tree in there yard, usually apple. We had warm applesauce with almost every meal with apples from our sons yard, he also had a cherry tree and beautiful garden. We enjoyed the fresh. Fruit and veggies every day.

Terry and Linda said...

I grew up on a huge orchard...cherries, apples, prunes, plums, pears, peaches...we had them by the buckets, bushels and boxes. I remember working in the packing shed so cold your hands wouldn't work...a cup of coffee 1/2 of which was cream and sugar to warm a body up then back at the packing and sorting....


threecollie said...

Joated, we keep setting off the cellar smoke detector with all the steam. lol

CDH, aw, that's a shame. If you lived nearby we could help you with that shortage. So many apples we could even make cider if we had the wherewithal. I was amazed by how good pear sauce is. Will make it again!

ellie, there is nothing like it...nothing. People miss so much not growing their own.

Linda, wow, that must have been hard work. I'll bet it smelled really good though!