Monday, October 07, 2013


About our good friends out in South Dakota. Weather is hideous out there. News stories abound with photos of deep snow and dead cattle.

Hard to imagine a blizzard, reputed to be of historical proportions, coming in early October, but it seems that it has. 

The Internet has given us a wealth of wonderful, if distant friends, and suddenly the world is small.

I guess we are in for it here, although no doubt not to the proportions of the western storms. High wind warnings and heavy rain threatened, starting pretty soon. We are going to try to get some corn and squash done up today and I have some writing chores to do. Right now, it's a butter-wouldn't-melt-in-its-mouth kind of morning, all misty yellows and pinks and the air as soft and sweet as cotton candy. Guess is isn't going to last. Broadway still has not calved....good grief....

Didn't get much of a leaf color show this fall and I expect this wind will clear them right off. It looks oddly like November already, except for the bright, green grass.

Dogs are restless and barky and the barn cats are hanging around the back porch and assaulting the screens.

About that tree question I posted the other day. How about this one? I did some serious searching and I believe I have finally found it. Thank you all for helping narrow it down.

According to this story, there are certain issues with growing the silver leaf poplar, or white poplar, but I think I want a couple anyhow. After all, if you have cows, a manicured lawn lasts only as long as it takes the first heifer or cow to find a hole in the fence and come down for a nice little graze....and we had three out yesterday.

Hang in there folks....better days are coming, it says here in fine print.....


wendywoo said...

On the subject of the white poplar, I dug one from the side of the road several years ago. I didn't get a lot of root since it was small yet and grew from a sucker. I planted it in a pot and watered regularly and it lived. Planted it out in our field and boy did it grow! There are umpteen suckers coming up around it that have already attained some height! Be very sure you know where you want to plant that tree! By the way, I live in Schoharie county.

Earl said...

Watching my niece in South Dakota report on the pile of snow the storm locked her in with, as I read end of the world as we know it books.

For sure they all think the power is going off suddenly then the civility. But after I remind myself that I spend too much time on the net, I am thankful for the option and the great opportunities to share good stuff.

Rev. Paul said...

Your forecast sounds just like ours. What part of Alaska are you in, again?


CDH said...

Our prayers are with everyone in South Dakota.

We have Lombardi Poplars here. They get HUGE and make wonderful shelter for the cows.

Woodswalker said...

Hoping you and yours remain safe, should we have bad storms. Regarding the Silver Poplar, please reconsider planting it. Lovely it is, but it's also an aggressively invasive species, crowding out native species better suited to providing food for native animals and insects. If you want a thicket-forming tree, why not choose instead one of our truly beautiful sumacs, like Fragrant Sumac or Shining Sumac, which provide spectacular autumn color and attract lots of birds. I know you love birds.

Cathy said...

Haven't done any news in a week because of big commitments. Someone mentioned blizzards in the Dakotas and I dismissed it.
We were hot here. Anymore I can't even read about the tragedies hitting people let alone watch it on the news. Dang.