Friday, November 22, 2013

Children's Farm Books

Becky came up with a great suggestion for next week's Farm Side....I am always hunting for topics... She thought I should write about farm-related books for children. 

What with one delightful grandbaby living just a few miles away, and another on the way, this seemed like a timely topic. Christmas is coming, you know.

So I started a search for the farm-related books I loved as a child. My brothers and I were fortunate to land in a family of readers and book lovers, so we had aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas galore to read to us, not to mention parents who later opened a bookstore. There were many warm laps and great stories to choose from when we were small and we took full advantage.

My first favorite book that I remember was Baby Animals, by Garth Williams. I recall being young enough to have to have it read to me, then later pointing to the words with an undoubtedly grubby finger as I sounded them out for myself. How I loved that bright, red fox and the bouncy little lamb.

Then there was Baby Farm Animals, by the same gentleman. There were HORSES in that one! I think I may have been a little obsessive on that topic at one time.

Another beloved, which I had forgotten until we hit Amazon looking for the first two, was Wonders of Nature, By Eloise Wilkin. Although it isn't exactly a farm book, polliwogs, and seeds, and apples are all things that go hand in glove, or perhaps hand in fin, with life in the outdoors. I could have been that pig-tailed little girl with the froggy fascination.

 Despite not being farm kid, I grew up animal crazy and admiring and respecting the farmers I did know. I think literally cutting my teeth on these and dozens of other wonderful books may have had some influence on that. 

I'm hoping that our grandbabies will grow up with a love of the land and the life too.These books and others like them might just help them learn and make wonderful memories and have good regard for farms and animals and the great outdoors.

And meanwhile, the point of all this is that I would be most appreciative if any of you would share the title of your favorite farm book from childhood. If you have modern favorites, like maybe Hank the Cowdog, and such, so much the better.

If you would leave yours in the comments, as many as you like, I would be most grateful.



Cathy said...

Awwwww . . . . you remember having it read to you. That's pretty neat. Sorry :( No suggestions. I was wasting time reading fairy tales.

lisa said...

Becky sure had a great idea! I will be looking forward to reading it.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I loved anything by Marguerite Henry. I admit to being a little horse crazy though. King of the Wind and Five O'clock Charlie were the best.

I also admit to listening to King of Wind on tape now...David McCallum is the narrator so it's like he's reading it to me.

threecollie said...

Cathy, Just finishing up the column now. Such fun for a change. lol

Lisa, almost finished. i will send it your way

Nita, I did too! My mom has managed to find me almost all of them, but I can still remember getting Album of Horses so many years ago. I read it and read it and read it, and drew all the breeds and loved them so much!