Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dancing Miss Daisy

This is such a harsh time of year. The short days, the cold nights, caring for the animals indoors rather than out with all the problems that brings along. The sky is just grey, day and night.....My favorite heifer was injured by a big cow and may not make it. So much going on behind the scenes.

It makes for a pervading, deep sadness, that common sense and 'this too shall pass' make no inroads upon. 

However, through all this gloom dances a little ray of sunshine. Happy dog! Happy dog! The delightful Miss Daisy holds the stage.

Russet red with lots of chrome, she radiates delight through all our days. Lap warmer, class clown, dashing through the house with gay abandon, heat-seeking tennis ball missile. 

Greeting me at the kitchen gate each morning, tail sweeping behind like a little feather broom. Prancing to the refrigerator as dinner time approaches...'you will get my food out, yes, please, now please?' 

She is perhaps the happiest dog I have ever enjoyed. 

We nearly lost her a few weeks ago. From one hour to the next she became horribly ill, dehydrated, and so, so sick. We figured some kind of internal blockage, and started her on Gatorade while Alan picked up some Pedialyte, kitty hairball medicine, and mineral oil. We dosed her every five minutes with a syringe full of first the Gatorade and then the Pedialyte. We gave her the kitty stuff and a little mineral oil.

She responded almost miraculously, and was her bouncing happy self in a few hours and rid of the problem by the next morning.

I think she had the  issue from before we got her though. Maybe from eating whole turkey poults, which is why we got her. If I give her more than a few bits of dry kibble, or biscuits, she gets "off" really fast. 

She is a different dog since her illness too, younger, happier, livelier. So full of joy in her people. When Liz comes home in the morning she is beside herself with delight. When her boy comes home after a week in the city, she can barely contain herself. Can't decide whether to run in circles, jump all over him, look everybody right in the eye to bark her announcement that he is home, or vault into his bed and bounce around  like a furry dervish. Where her hunting hound ancestors tunneled under the ground in search of badgers, she tunnels under the blankets in search of naps.

She has also tunneled into every heart in the house.

So, she gets canned dog food with squash or applesauce, plus a little rice, and kitty hairball medicine once a week. I never imagined fussily making dinner for an itty bitty dog, but she lights up the world, one prance at a time, and so.....she gets pretty much whatever she needs and a good bit of whatever she likes as well.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful description. We are all so glad our ancestors invited them into their caves all those thousands of years ago.

Cathy said...

I guess that is about the neatest account of puppy love that I've ever read. It made me glow all the way over here in Ohio.

So glad you got her to help push back the gloom.

ellie k said...

So sorry to hear about your heifer, hope she starts making improvements soon.
It is nice to have a happy dog that loves the family and brings smiles.

Terry and Linda said...

So sorry about your favorite cow...it doesn't matter if the animal you love is huge like a cow or tiny like Daisy...we all want them well and happy and warm. Magic thoughts and prayer your cow makes it. I'm also glad your little dog came through her illness to true health.


12Paws said...

How sweet it is! That amid the "toils and snares" of this fallen world you have the joyful presence of an exuberant furbaby who announces, "here I am, LOVE ME!"

threecollie said...

Jan, thanks, I don't know what I would have done without dogs all my life!

cathy, thanks, she is like a furry little beacon!

Ellie, thanks, we are trying real hard with the heifer...

Linda, thank you for your kind words!

12Paws, exactly so. She was a bit reserved when she arrived. We are her third home and she kept herself a bit to herself. But now she is ours...and we seem to have become hers.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Nobody love us the way a dog does. And your Daisy is extra-full of that amazing doggy adoration. Lucky you! And lucky me, to have such a story to read and make me smile.

threecollie said...

Jacqueline, she is a pip. Irresistible even when she is being a naughty dog, which is fairly often. lol