Saturday, November 02, 2013

If You Don't Like It

Wait a minute. The weather that is. We really didn't get more than a gust or two of that wind they were predicting yesterday. It was kind of nice in fact, and very, very warm.

We ended up opening up the wall fans and running them and hunting up lead cords that had been cannibalized for tractor block heaters and such to run the free standing ones. Good thing we hadn't put them away.

We kept the cows in for the day because of the predicted weather, and honestly, they would have been better off outdoors. If it weren't for the fans the barn would have been a hothouse. And as it was it was way too warm for this time of year.

Oddly, despite being well past first and second and third etc. frosts, the cows are eating eagerly out in the field. Liz and I both thought the grass grew substantially yesterday.

She and I did chores last night so Beck and the boss could go shopping. I would rather milk cows than shop any day of the week. It went pretty well and they got home just about the time we finished up. Just in time to feed out hay.

Today it's all back to normal November, cold and dark and grim. Cows are out anyhow. They wanted out so we complied.

Have a good one.


Cathy said...

" . . .cold and dark and grim. . . "

I am sooo over it . . .
and it's just begun

Pooor me ;)

Cathy said...

Love that pix of the birds and leaves.
There are a couple times a year . . if I'm lucky . .
when I'll glance skyward and not know whether I'm seeing leaves or birds until my eyes and mind agree.

ellie k said...

We have rain one minute and sun the next, it may rain in our yard but not the people next to us.

threecollie said...

Cathy, same here. Ugh! And no eclipse for us. Rain instead. Thanks, on the birds. Red winged blackbirds have been hanging around and I tried for some shots. They were very wary though.

Ellie, same here. Soggy, soggy, soggy