Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Projecting is for Opera Singers

Or maybe ventriloquists. But not for network news behemoths. Or at least that is the way it should be. However, every election cycle sees pundits projecting away, even when only microscopic percentages of actual votes have been counted.

A simple solution to the annoyance this engenders is to just go to bed early, preferably with a good book. Beck and I are rereading the Jane Smiley Georges and Jewels books and much enjoying them. Young adult fiction, complete with horses written about by someone who actually knows a hoof from a handball court, is a sure cure for the mental trials of adulthood.

I drifted away into peaceful slumber, perched on the shoulders of Black George as he jogged up and down hills, untroubled by thoughts of proposals and projections.

Only dream horses for me now, but I remember enough from the real ones to escape the election doldrums in good fashion.

And now, back to that half-polished rough draft for this week's Farm Side.


Terry and Linda said...

I try not to listen anymore..I'm disappointed in the whole group and would to wipe everyone out and start over with people who are fresh off the farm!

John Grisham always has farmers plowing...even when the cotton is as high as a tractor tire...drives me bats that he doesn't know one implement from another and that you don't plow the crop when it ready to harvest!


Tanmay Roy said...

Great farm blog. Enjoyed reading.


threecollie said...

LInda, that is nuts! I would expect him to do his homework a little better than that. Good grief!

Tanmay Roy, thank you and thanks for visiting.