Thursday, November 14, 2013

Such an Exciting Day

First, of course, the cows were milked and fed, turned up the hill for more food, and then their stalls were bedded. Routine, everyday chores that are done...well...every day. If you are a dairy farmer you have to get all that out of the way before you get into the really fun stuff.

Next came the big excitement

We put plastic on some of the more vulnerable windows and doors

I'm telling you, the thrills and chills and spills were almost more than I could stand.

The measuring, and oh, the folding. The bang, bang, banging of the staple guns..yes i have two..and the snarl of ripping duct tape.

It was a cliff hanger...or should i say it was the wife hanging onto the husband's belt loops while he was standing on a ladder in front of the upstairs windows, hoping to prevent him from tumbling out should he lose his balance.

Then came the running out of plastic at the end of room number three, which was (almost) breathtaking....or at least there was a sigh of relief at putting the rest off for another day.

So, with the terrifying task done, as well as we could do it until we get more plastic, he went to cut firewood while I made applesauce and swept the floors.

And there, you have it, the reason for not posting earlier in the day. There just wasn't anything to post about. Plus the hummingbird feeder is frozen solid and so, alas, am I.


Anonymous said...

It's much more entertaining that what passes for entertainment today.

Terry and Linda said...

I so understand those terrifying 'jobs' where you hope your husband stays safe and he is just a little pleased you are helping him 'stay safe' but acting like it isn't such a big deal....


Cathy said...

This resonates with me today. I climbed out a second story window with a leaf blower to prevent hubby from trying it. Got a little exciting when the dark patch on the shingles turned out to be ice.

Now the ripping of duct tape . . That is exciting.

threecollie said...

Jan, well, kinda. lol I HATE doing up the windows, but I ain't complainin' because I almost never have help and this year I had lots.

Linda, and there are so many of them on a farm too. This wasn't all that bad, just boring. lol

Cathy, yowsa! That is scary and dangerous and I am glad you are okay. this job wasn't all that much, just took a lot of time and not too exciting.