Sunday, November 24, 2013

True Story

I was feelin' kinda low down when an old friend called my name
I hadn't really ever thought I'd hear that voice again
Well the miles went rolling backwards and the years faded away
And we were right back out there
On the black and the spotted bay.

We rode down lonely mountain roads and swam those cold blue lakes
And talked of almost anything, when we had what it takes.

Well, he'd been feeling lonesome too
Remembering old ways.
So we spent an hour just laughing 
Over our long bygone days.

When I rode on my black horse and he rode that bay paint
And watched the world between their ears, though neither was a saint

Well the paint was my black's daddy
They stayed friends all their days
I wonder what they talked about when we rode those long gone ways.

I recall that old red stallion that jumped the fence and came
Like a fire breathing dragon, or a runaway freight train

He fell in love with my black horse

But his heartbreak was in vain
Cause Magnum was a gelding
Though he had a pretty mane.

We crossed wild mountain meadows and plowed through swamps and streams
Sometimes those old trail rides were more nightmares than dreams.

These days I milk a bunch of cows 
He drives a yellow bus
No time for get togethers 
For either one of us.

But we rode down lonesome mountain roads and swam those cold blue lakes
And talked of almost anything, when we had what it takes
Counted miles in spring wildflowers
And danced through blue-eyed grass
And never thought our horseback years  were ever gonna pass.

Those horses are both gone now, the black and that bay paint
But they'll never be forgotten
We will always know their names


Cathy said...

"When we had what it takes . . ."

Wow. Wow. And Wow.

Music. I heard music as I read this.

Terry and Linda said...

You gave me chills...beautiful!


Anonymous said...

That is so touching. I long for the day when I will once again see the bush through a horse's ears.

threecollie said...

Cathy, those were the days. lol And thanks!

Linda, thank you so much

milkmaid, I expect I never will again, but i am so grateful that i did!

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

That's just terrific! Thank you for taking us along for the ride.

ellie k said...

Very touching.
How is spotty doing?

threecollie said...

Thank you, Jacqueline!

Ellie, we just talked to our vet yesterday as we were getting pretty discouraged, but she suggested we wait a bit longer before making the hard decision. she is still eating and drinking well and moving around some.