Friday, November 01, 2013

What the......

Not today

Went out this morning bundled up, as has become the norm, and it is in the sixties out there. I was hot. Cows are in the barn nights now for winter and I am sure they are hot too. However, the choice is warm...maybe too warm...dry barn, or mud slide central. We opted for keeping them in.

We haven't had a huge amount of rain, but it sure mixed up a mess of mud. So everybody is inside except for six heifers.

This is pneumonia weather for cows, so we are going to have to be really vigilant until the weather stabilizes. So cold one day that the calves need heavy coats, so warm the next the dogs are huffing and panting.

And big winds predicted for later today.

Stay safe out there.

Oh, and I am thinking about putting a hummingbird feeder back out. I usually keep them up until it gets really cold, but this year, I brought them in a couple weeks after we stopped seeing late migrants. However.....this has me thinking. Maybe he has friends. Maybe he will stop by himself. Prolly not, but you never know.


Rev. Paul said...

It surely does sound like y'all are getting the same weather patterns we've seen up here. We've just had what they're saying unofficially was the warmest October on record - but should have had snow on the ground for three weeks.

Ruth said...

The birders local to me are asking people to leave out the hummer feeders till they stay frozen all day. I guess "rare" hummingbirds have been showing up ALOT in the fall and early winter!

Cathy said...

Didn't know that about cows and pneumonia.

Can't imagine seeing a hummingbird this time of year. What an interesting fall this has been.

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, this is odd for us, but odd is the new normal. It ended up being pretty nice in the end.

Ruth, I want to see a bad...

Cathy, I keep hoping, but I don't expect I will see one. Imagine a Calliope in NH!