Monday, November 04, 2013

Why Do We Allow

The government, which rarely gets anything right at all ever, to reset our internal clocks, twice a year?

Why? If you search for death rates right after the time change, you will find them up, especially in spring. Car accidents and work place injuries too. We are hardy mechanisms, we humans, but like most other creatures we function best within a framework of routine.

This willy-nilly messing up of our rhythms is bad for us so why on earth do we put up with it?

I dunno, but it seems stupid to me, and the cows don't like it either.


Cathy said...

I'm grumpy . . . and not just because it took a half hour to set the clocks back.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Still not ready for the dark, even tho' we know it'll happen. Me and cows voted for no time change, but I guess no one listened :(

Anonymous said...

I've always imagined one of our Washington leaders say to another, "If we can make them change times twice a year, we can make them to anything."

Terry and Linda said...

I can't get myself changed over either. And the dogs don't understand. Sigh!


Happyone said...

We could always move to Arizona - they don't change the clocks there!! : )

Serina Harvey said...

That is a REALLY good point

threecollie said...

Cathy, ditto. I did pretty good yesterday in the bright sunshine but today,...blah

Nita, same here. It's okay in the morning, but evening milkings are horrible! We generally finish at 8 and our bodies say 9 and then we are eating dinner at what we are convinced is 10 Ugh!

Jan, we need to get a campaign going I think

LInda, it drags me right into the doldrums

Happyone, I have read that about Hawaii too! I could get behind that idea. lol

Serena, I wonder why we put up with it. No one seems to like it; it seems to serve no real purpose. And it sure would be great to repeal it. the sooner the better!

Earl said...

You can't make the cows change milking times. No matter what Congress has declared... they would be having all calving between eight and ten in the evening to protect the children.

threecollie said...

Earl, lol, that is about the size of it. They want nothing to do with change.