Thursday, December 05, 2013


For complaining yesterday about the plague. There are several good people listed over on the side bar, who are facing health issues, either personally or with beloved family members, that are terrifying and awful, and a lot more serious than a darned chest cold.

So, sorry for whining. And they could use some prayers, I'm sure. They have been added to ours.....

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we made the hard decision to put Spotty down last week. Far from improving, she was slowly sinking into a decline, the likes of which we have never had a cow come back from. She was my favorite.....but these things happen if you have stock and you have to move on, and take care of the living ones. She isn't going to be forgotten, that's for sure. She was such a sweet girl. RIP Frieland Valiant Bastille.

The very next day Neon Moon had a big bull calf by Stouder Morty. We were really looking for a heifer there, but he will be added to the beef program we are working on starting. Meanwhile is enjoying some time lounging around in the manger in front of his mama. He is a big, big boy! When I go in to fork her extra hay over to the other cows...we are giving her a ridiculous amount of the best hay we have trying to get her going good....he bowls me right over looking for his bottle. I may need combat pay.

About the same time, a great big yearling heifer, Cahill, broke her tie when I was feeding and lunged right up in the manger with me after the hay. It was really funny because she never figured out that she was loose. She started eating on the bale I had just opened. I put a halter on her, and she never even tried to shake me off, as she was busy with breakfast. Once I had her anchored a little bit, I kicked the hay over where she normally eats and she backed right back into her stall and stood there, calmly nomming away, never realizing that she had been loose at all, and just waited for the boss to fix her a new tie.

He could hardly believe I "caught" her all by myself. She is significantly larger than I am and never had a halter on.

It is incredibly warm out this morning and guess it is supposed to warm up even more later. Cold and nasty coming hard on the heels of that though. Get that firewood lined up!


Rev. Paul said...

If it ain't one thing, it's another. Sounds like normal farm life, and 't'ain't never easy.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Sorry about Spotty, I know how that goes.

Good to hear about the beef program, lots of call for beef raised on small farms.

Hope you're on the mend!

I think I'll send back your usual NY weather - it's 10F here - us mossbacks don't like that much since it is such a rare occurrence :(

lisa said...

Your hurts are just as important as others, some are more severe and you wish them extra luck in getting better, but you are just as important!

Jeffro said...

Good grief! No need to apologize! What good is your blog if you can't gripe once in a while to clear the air and move on?

Terry and Linda said...

It's okay to share with friends how you are doing and feeling. We want to know because we care! Magic thoughts for you and your friends!

¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥