Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Love him or hate him Garth Brooks is an icon in country music. There are many of his songs that millions of people would recognize just by hearing the first chord. 

Our TV was out the other night when the live show from Vegas was on so we didn't see it. Probably would have missed it anyhow, as I have little patience for sitting in front of the boob tube.

However, Becky found a site that offered a chance to watch it online and a couple of days later I did .

And I loved it. I know there were a lot of complaints about the material, and the fact that only parts of songs were performed, as it was more of a Vegas show kind of thing (go figure) than a conventional concert. But I enjoyed almost every minute

Garth holds a special place in my heart. Some years ago, I had one of those wonderful friends in my life...one of those people that virtually everyone loves and admires and wants to be around.  She came from the same area as Garth and was a great fan....took in his concerts whenever he played anywhere in the region. 

However, she really didn't have any other fans in her family, and after she converted me to his music, we made plans to hit a concert together, next time he played nearby.

At around that time, she injured a foot and couldn't drive, so I was taking her and her dog to dog obedience school, one night a week. Even though I wasn't bringing along a dog we had a lot of fun.

One night, after dropping her off outside her house, I heard Beaches of Cheyenne for the first time on my car radio. I couldn't wait to ask her if she had heard it. Alas, I never had another chance to speak to her....ever... I never made it to a concert either. No one to go with.....

However watching that show on the little computer screen the other night took me back to a couple decades of fun times, and reminded me in a hundred ways of one of the nicest people I ever knew....so yeah, I liked it a lot. And you know who I think about whenever I hear Beaches...or Shameless, yeah, that one too. 


Rev. Paul said...

Garth Brooks is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter/performer, and I thoroughly enjoy his music.

Terry and Linda said...

Music does draw us to the past and to people we have known and loved.