Tuesday, December 03, 2013

What to Do, What to Do

Well, first get some salt on the east driveway and get the cars and trucks out of the way of the propane truck.He is nearly a month late and we are looking at a lot of cold showers if he can't get in.

Then get the cows milked and get them and the calves fed. Put the big heifers up the hill on the bale feeder so the milk truck and the cattle trucker can get in.

Send 171 to the sale, approximately one month too late, along with a heifer that just stopped milking completely.

Finish, or at least start to finish, the Farm Side, which is about things with wings this week.

The boss will clean stables, get wood, and wish he could find the hydraulic leak in the skid steer, which is pumping oil into places it doesn't belong to the tune of way too many dollars a day. Don't ever work on a skid steer. All that compactness translates to no way to get at anything without taking the cab off and the cab doesn't come off easy.

Just another day, except for all those trucks.

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