Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wild Geese

Although the weather forecast around here is changing and often, we are obviously going to get something.

Heaven only knows what, although we have freezing rain, heavy snow accumulations and pretty much whatever else you might choose, including zombies on Zambonis, from the winter misery menu up for grabs.

The birds are confirming that something will happen although they aren't saying what either. Feeders have been bare for weeks. Not even the Sassenachs coming in to steal seeds. Then yesterday they were crowded with sparrows, juncos, gold finches, chickadees, downy woodpeckers, and pretty much everybody else in the neighborhood. More of the same today.

And the wild geese were so restless it was crazy. A friend took me to lunch yesterday, which was an amazing lot of fun, plus good food in the bargain. We stopped on the way home to check out the population on the river in town....nothing like traveling with a fellow birder..... and it was positively thronged with birds. Not just geese, but an exceptionally large flock of assorted gulls, ducks, etc. And oddly enough, instead of being mostly gathered on the bank as usual, they were floating all over the river, mostly facing west and for the most part evenly spaced. Looked like a net of geese....hey maybe it was a skein. 

Anyhow, all day long chunks of the flock kept breaking off and flying up, circling here and there, and then cupping back down in. Of course when I walked the dog without the camera they would fly low, right over the house, with the rays of the setting sun painting their breasts gold and pink. When I went out with the camera, they would circle way off to the east, well out of range. Then when I went out to haul firewood, obviously sans camera, back they came to taunt me happily.

They were beautiful, and I looked up every single time a bunch went over. I think they feel the stirring of the coming storm.

And I had a white-crowned sparrow this morning. He looked pretty out of place. 

Anyhow, once you get all stocked up on milk and bread and toilet paper...did I mention milk?....stay safe and dry and warm and have a good one.


Rev. Paul said...

When under threat of a winter storm, people in the Midwest still rush the stores & strip them of bread and milk.

I've never understood why the threat of ice or snow triggers a french toast feeding frenzy. :)

joated said...

mmm, French toast!

We were fully stocked of all three well in advance of The Weather.

This morning Terry baked an apple pie and I did 8 doz Toll House cookies. I now realize I should have gotten some vanilla ice cream too.

Cathy said...

Never a day without my milk :)
And I've seen that glinting of late sun on geese. Nothing lovelier.

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul rofl! I dunno, French toast is pretty good stuff. We put a drop of vanilla in the batter...and a little cinnamon. In fact, you have given me an excellent idea for tonight's supper.

Joated, we actually had to get some stuff and just as well that we did. We really got a lot of snow. Of course our boy went out and bought an absurd amount of fake cookie dough and made a ton of cookies. They aren't bad really...

Cathy, same here! And the geese are gorgeous. Some day I will get a pic.