Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A Good Scolding

Coming across from the barn this morning I heard a familiar and welcome raspy note.

We hadn't heard or seen the Carolina wrens since the cold started. I was afraid they were gone, but at least one remains. I didn't call them or anything because I didn't want to disturb them in any way. 

At the house I put out peanut butter for them, although they have to come early if they want any, as the jays and juncos like it too. Hopefully I will soon get some peanuts for that wonderful new feeder.

The video above is taken through the front door. Three years ago the wrens must have nested somewhere very near the porch as the male sang there all day long, sometimes even clinging to the screen door to holler and yell. Needless to say, I enjoyed that immensely. 


Rev. Paul said...

I miss songbirds! That made me homesick, however briefly, for the Ozark woods.

Tell you what: I'll trade you a half-dozen magpies and three dozen ravens for a pair of wrens... any takers?

Didn't think so. :)

Cathy said...

That is so interesting. I watched the video . came to comment and was going to say that it 'made me homesick' . . and there's Rev. Paul . .. once again . . 'stealing' my line :)
Haven't hear or seen a wren in weeks.

Terry and Linda said...

That made me long for summer! I'm so glad you have the one at least. I hope the other one is close by and you see it soon.


threecollie said...

Rev. Paul I would sure miss them too. They are constant companions here pretty much year round and a source of great enjoyment. Your state does get the amazing rarities from Asia though and is the destination of the serious birders looking to pick up the hard ones for life lists and big years.

Cathy, I have another very blurry short clip of him hanging right on the cross bar of the screen singing at me. I am so fond of them!

Linda, oh, me too, me too. I don't think about the opposite seasons too much if i can help it. lol I miss summer so much when it is winter and winter seems impossible when all is green and glorious. I often wonder though, why we choose to live where the weather is such a pain in the neck.