Saturday, January 18, 2014

Caught Up

Sorry if my absence was was just busyness. The business of year-end bookkeeping, watching over a cow that was very, very late to calve, but didn't seem right to induce. Lost the calf, hopefully the cow will be okay. 

Didn't mean to worry you......I was just caught up. With just the three of us here, it gets pretty hectic sometimes.

And Daisy is having another of her odd spells. Next time I swear, I am getting a puppy. I love this little dog, but she is the unhealthiest animal I have ever taken to raise. I am very much afraid she will not live into her mid-teens as the border collies did....alas....

Nothing happening on the bird front, except for a lot of mourning doves and a few jays stealing peanuts from the wrens, which so far have been too shy to come in to eat them, although they get closer every day.

I see the red-tailed hawks often though, and know the owls are out there. If you are aching for spring, you can always contemplate, as I do, that they are getting ready to nest right now, if not actively nesting. Thus the clumsy, inexperienced young will be ready to hunt about the time the clumsy, inexperienced prey animals are out and about learning the ropes of survival. Personally, I am glad not to be required to sit on eggs in this weather, but that's just me.

Anyhow, enjoy this fleeting sunshine while it lasts....back to the salt mines.....


Cathy said...

I gotta restrain my worry wart tendencies :)
And sorry about Daisy . . quite a few friends having issues with their dogs this year. Dang.

" . . glad not to be required to sit on eggs in this weather . ." Yeah. But if anyone could get 'er done . . it'd be you, TC !

Terry and Linda said...

Sorry about Daisy. It's so hard to have a sick pup on top of all the other stuff.

I, too, don't want to sit on eggs in the winter...I'm not tough enough!


threecollie said...

Cathy, I was delighted that you noticed and thanks. Seriously.
Daisy seems better now. She does not like to drink for who knows what reason, so I mixed her food with a lot of water, and presto, a much healthier dog.. We all love her... She is a wonderful dog. But she has had one health problem after another since the day we got her. If you look up double dapple dachshunds, you will find a wealth of info on hereditary problems therewith. By her color pattern I think she fills that bill. Poor little sweetie.

Linda, hereditary issues I am thinking. Genetic recessives from big time inbreeding. Alas....