Thursday, January 02, 2014


Something spooked these turkeys the other day
They raced across the heifer hill, then hunkered down in some wild rose bushes.

And more wonderful Mappy bread for "breakfast" here at twelve minutes past noon. Beck and the boss and I did chores alone this morning and spent a lot of extra time chasing drafts and moving heifers. 

Still LOTS more to do in the face of the potential cold tonight, but what we got done is a good start. Beck has sure stepped up at handling stock. She is calm and patient, and yet firm enough that they respect her...a great combination, with a heavy emphasis on the patient part.

We actually got Cinnamon in the barn and in a stall, which has been tried with as many as five people before without success. And weirdly enough, the minute she actually came through the door she calmed right down and was quiet as an old cow. I think she thought the door was the entrance to the dragon cave or something. What a surprise to find that it led to hay and corn meal and a warm comfy stall...and lots of company.

Now the boss has to run west for grain and then we need to cannibalize an old hen house for some board to button up the sawdust shed pen. It is a lean to up against the barn, normally plenty sheltered, but with this ugly weather we want to close it up a bit.

And then to put more something or other around the vacuum pump. It is not in the warmest place in the world and already struggles to start in the cold. 

And then to put the canvas up across the back porch. I hate doing it, but the time has come. 

See ya later! And stay warm!


Cathy said...

You are surrounded by life . . . in so many forms and ways. . . not the least of which - are herds of turkeys.

This approaching cold is scary.

Stay warm and safe as this new year starts off frosty.

Rev. Paul said...

Dragon cave ... I'm still smiling about that. LOL!

Terry and Linda said...

Winter...the depths of cold and blizzards. Only those who live in WINTER understand! Hoping everything pulls through okay!


threecollie said...

cathy, thanks, it is really nasty this morning. We put papers down for poor Daisy, who appears to have been paper trained at some point as it is really awful out. You stay warm too!

Rev. Paul, we could not figure out why we couldn't get her in the barn. She is a daughter of Bama Breeze one of the calmest cows we have. And all her sisters were quiet. But she just would not go through that door. She seems pretty glad to be in now though.

Linda, hate it, hate it, hate it! Don't like the talking heads telling me to stay indoors either. I only wish that was an option., lol You stay warm and be safe!