Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Farm Side Research

I attempted to make my mama's applesauce cake....if success is measure in increments of time
Well, it only lasted one day. 

I think it might be fun from now on, if, when I can, I share with you some of the stories I use in research for the Farm Side. Wednesday is deadline day, so this will generally occur then.

I sometimes end up pretty far afield, but I sure do see some interesting things... here goes.

Freezing inmate.

Emerald ash borers don't like the cold

How dairy farmers cope with the cold

Best and worst ads of 2013 include some that were highly controversial with farmers. 


Cathy said...

Oh my, my, my . . that looks good. Cooking - particularly 'baking' - is such a gift to family.

You do cull some interesting info. That business about the ash bore . . wouldn't that be something?

Anonymous said...

I loved the best and worst ads, God made a farmer. That was classic.

Terry and Linda said...

I love all of your articles. My fav is the ads. Thank you Marianne!


lisa said...

Very nice, we always enjoy reading what you write. I love the way you have with words. I sure wish I had the ability!

Cathy said...

Hope everything is ok . . .
. . .don't like the silence :(

threecollie said...

Cathy, I was absurdly thrilled that it came out well...never been much of a cake baker.

Jan, loved that one too!

Linda, thanks!

lisa, thank you...I enjoy "talking" to all you nice folks

Cathy, sorry, caught up in much busyness and not much to say. Thank you for caring, and thanks again for the peanuts which are a hot property out in the yard. lol