Monday, January 20, 2014


The mom and dad to be

Making sure Great Grandpa-to-be got his share of the hugs...Great Grandma-to-be to the rescue
Good food and neat stuff
Where there are babies, there are always bonnets, right?
Getting in a little practice, Liz?
Tomfoolery, brother-in-law style

We have those too, even if we don't see many of them as often as we would like. Yesterday  the kids' friends and families put on a baby shower for them. They are expecting their first child in March.

It was really nice. Even an old hermit, such as myself, could have a good time, whether it was running the allied union of pin collection and watching the brothers-in-law act like real-time brothers....silly boys....or just hugging a lot of people that we don't see anywhere near often enough. Nice party guys...thanks...

The heart in my mama's engagement ring

Creepy old lady with handsome brother


Dani said...

Awwwwww! So exciting waiting for a new baby to bless the family.

ellie k said...

What a wonderful family and a special gathering for a special little baby. This baby will be so loved and cherished, grand babies just seem to fit right into a family and bring so much happiness. Bless you all and enjoy this little farmer as it gets ready to make it's entrance into the big world.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

You guys look so happy!

Can't wait to see the baby!

A. Montgomery said...

It was a truly wonderful day! I had a very good time and enjoyed everyone!
Love, Mom

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

This is such happy news! That baby will surely be blessed, coming into such a loving family.

Marianne, stop dissing your dear face. "Creepy old lady" indeed! Not so! Think of how many people light up at the sight of you. And soon there will be a grandchild to cherish you like no other.

Cathy said...

After reading a couple dark political commentaries today . . it is so wonderfully heartening to see a family as loving a merry-making as yours.
. . . haven't smiled this broadly in a couple days.
And Jacqueline, above, beautifully expressed the feelings burbling up in me as I read your take on that picture of adorable you and your precious brother.

Terry and Linda said...

I light up with I see you! You are not a creepy old lady but an soon-to-be Grammy!!! Makes having kids all worth it!!


Anonymous said...

Really like that last picture!

Jeffro said...

"Creepy old lady?!?"

Not hardly!

lisa said...

Brother sure is handsome isn't he!(he's all mine too!) You are not a creepy old lady, you are a very special one and your sister-in-law just adores you.

threecollie said...

You are all just too darned nice...thanks