Monday, January 06, 2014

Rain and Fog

If it seems that I talk about the weather all the time, I'm sorry about that, but it truly rules our lives. Last night the stable cleaner in the main barn was still frozen, meaning that the boss had to shovel out behind maybe thirty animals. Meanwhile, all the frost on the walls was thawing and the air was getting stale requiring that we open up thing we had so painstakingly closed so as to let in fresh air for the cows.

When we got to the barn Baja had finally started labor, nearly two weeks late. Becky oversaw and helped with her entire travail, entirely by herself, and with the result of a large, lively bull calf, first of the year, and first one by the ABS bull, Gameday

If you are looking for exceptional fertility, he is a bull for you, having settled nearly every single cow we bred to him. Nice calf, which hopefully stayed with mama and didn't wander off into the wilds of the rest of the barn. We didn't want to tie him up so early in his life, but there are perils out among the other cows.

And now it is raining and drooling and dripping and turning all that fluffy snow to rock-hard ice, with more deep cold weather "hot" on the heels of this. Hope we can get the barn cleaned up between freezes!

Stay warm. Stay dry. Think spring!


Rev. Paul said...

Heck, we're having Spring up here right now ... y'all wanta send our winter back, please?

Cathy said...

Wow. Here at minus 12 degrees. . .
it's hard to envision "raining and drooling and dripping . ."
Sure hope you stay thawed out over there and that people and critters stay sure-footed and healthy.

Cathy said...

Rev. Paul.
I'm tryin' . . . I'm tryin' . . .

Terry and Linda said...

THINK SPRING!!! and send what you have back to the good Reverend!


threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, oh, how I wish that I could!!!!

Cathy, not quite that cold here, but the ice is appalling!

Linda, I sure wish I could send it up there. lol