Sunday, January 12, 2014


Took a midnight...well, actually 2:30 AM....... barn check run the other night. 

Well, actually, it was more of a barn check hobble, as the ice has been horrific ever since it warmed up after the last snowstorm.

First I heard what seemed like a loud banging noise. Paused and was just the electric fencer clicking. It was so very loud in the midnight stillness.

Checked on Foolish, who is due to calve and gave her a bit more bedding.

Headed back. An odd, deep gurgling and clinking sound came to my sleepy ears. I stopped a while to find its source. 

Aha, under the rigid shell of ice, which would probably hold up a truck with ease, water was moving in the little creek that divides the two farms, jingling and jangling against the bottom of the ice. During the noisy day you couldn't possible hear it, but in the silence of the middle of the night it was as clear...and almost as a bell.

Then last night, after the rainy storm and the weird warm weather I took the same walk. The little creek was filling its banks and rushing and rustling like a small but urgent river. Can you hear me NOW?

And now the ice is worse than ever and I am thankful that other people are making the trek and milking the cows this morning.


Rev. Paul said...

Winter has a beauty all its own, but it can be very treacherous as well. Take care of yourselves.

Cathy said...


. . . you take us with you . .

Thank you.

Terry and Linda said...

The walks at night open up a whole other world. It enjoyed careful out is deadly in all forms.


threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, that is so true. I have been spending more time outdoors this year than I normally do in winter and in some ways I am really enjoying it.

Cathy, thank YOU!

Linda, the ice is just awful. Even sanding doesn't do much good, as it washes away during the day when it gets warmer.