Saturday, January 04, 2014


And incredibly nice lady, someone, I didn't know before this....

Sent me this peanut feeder for the Carolina wrens. I've been feeding them peanut butter, but this will be much better. Thank you!

After a day of utter silence, which worried me, I think I heard one over by the barn this morning when I was out playing the fool, freezing my fingers, taking pics of all the frozen pretty stuff. It is cold this morning! But it's supposed to warm up later.

Thank you for the wonderful feeder! Thank you so very, very much. I can't wait to get out and get some seed for it and see what comes to visit. Hopefully the crazy little wrens are still among us. 


Terry and Linda said...

I have found that this world of blog friends is amazingly generous and full of wonderful kindness!

Good for you and the Wrens!!


Cathy said...

Yes. People are good.
And some people really bring out the goodness in others.

NumberWise said...

Cathy, well said! I come here every day for my dose of optimism and inspiration.

threecollie said...

Linda, that is so true! And thanks

Cathy, I was taken utterly, and very nicely aback!

NW, can I call you? Or can you call me? Or email? I think of you every day. Take care....