Saturday, January 04, 2014

Sunday Stills....White

You'd think with all the snow I would have found better stuff....but

For more Sunday Stills......


Ed said...

Love the frost shot!!! for a real challenge I should have chose green for the colour..;-)

Rev. Paul said...

That fourth pic (the frost) is lovely!

Cathy said...

OK. The second and third pictures.
It just jumps out at me.
The linear similarity of the patterns on the birdbath and the shape the lines of those antlers creates.

The Dancing Donkey said...

I like that last shot too. Lovely detail.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great macro!

threecollie said...

Ed, green is much more favored around here. lol And thanks

Rev. Paul, thanks, I was trying for something like LInda P does, but didn't quite get that.

Cathy, thanks! There is plenty of stark beauty to be found, but I sure prefer the lush abundance of the warmer months. lol

DD, thanks!

CSL, thank you!