Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Frozen South

It's been an ugly week in the southern half of our great land, with snow and ice migrating south on the tail feathers of the fleeing song birds, but not receiving quite as warm a welcome.

As always, in times of adversity though, Americans have stepped up in dozens of ways, to either help one another through the difficulties or turn them into a great adventure.

Makes me proud to be an American, even if up here we are pretty much used to such weather and prepared for it. We wouldn't fare quite as well in hurricane season I suspect.


Ann Ward said...

I always love to see how people pull together! And while we're enjoying this freeze I sure hope it doesn't last too long!

Rev. Paul said...

Makes me wonder what all the protestors thank about Chic-Fil-A now.

Oh never mind - they aren't persuaded by evidence. I forgot.

Terry and Linda said...

Makes me proud to be an American...Hooray for Chic-Fil-A.


Cathy said...

Loved Ann's account of that incredible weather.

And LOVE Chic-fil-A for so many reasons.

Unfortunately . . Rev. Paul is right. Don't bother 'em with facts.

threecollie said...

Ann, it was so much fun to watch you and your neighbors having fun. The shine has worn off it up here and it is just something to get through....

Rev. Paul, I thought the same thing!

Linda, hooray indeed. Wish there was one around here so I could go buy something.

Cathy, alas, you are exactly right.